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Dinner and a Movie (5004) | Kissing (4991) | Candlelight (4884) | Backrubs (4732) | First Kiss (4368) | Breakfast In Bed (3962) | Handholding (3840) | Candles (3481) |

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Backrubs (4732)

Candlelight (4884)

Candles (3481)

Chocolate (3393)

Diamonds (1698)

First Kiss (4368)

Flowers (3253)

Gifts (1909)

Handholding (3840)

Jewelry (1070)

Kissing (4991)

Listening (3361)

Massage (52)

Paris (866)

Picnics (2107)

Poetry (1658)

Roses (2324)

Sunrise (2128)

Sunset (2721)

Surprises (23)

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